WREVA - Waterloo Region Electric Vehicle Association

Respect other EVers


NEVER !! use a charging spot as parking

- all chargers were used - NO

- I was just running in and out - NO

MONITOR your charging

- If you are full or near Go to your EV unplug and move it - if not ready to leave location

EV cap on car OPEN waiting for a charge

@ FREE CHARGING LOCATIONS - when your done always plug in your neighbor    

ICEd Chargers

If you see the driver POLITELY explain that he has ??? spaces to park EVs only have 2/4 ?? 

THANK the retailer/resturant/etc

Always thank the supplier - for supporting EVers and climate change

HELP the new EVer

- Many do not understand L2/L3

- Many do not know that only 1 gun available on L3

- help at IKEA (strange setup)

- explain cards/apps Flo/ChargePoint